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Individual Coaching with Margaret

  • $225

Individual Coaching for Osteoporosis

    A one-on-one osteoporosis coaching session with Margaret Martin.

    How Can I Help You

    For many, a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia can be a scary thing — but it does not have to be.  There are many things you can do to keep yourself safe.  

    Each of us has a unique bone health history often dictated by the amount and intensity of exercise that we do.  It is also influenced by the specific activities and hobbies that we love. 

    If you have specific concerns that you have not found an answer to around exercise and body mechanics then you would benefit from a consultation.  

    All consultations are conducted over Zoom.  Your session with me is secure and private.

    The assessment is based on your goals.  

    The possible scope of items we can cover include:
    1. Posture — You will be guided through best posture suggestion, stretches and strength exercises to assist your posture goals.
    2. Body mechanics — Assessment and recommendations based on the demands that life presents to you.  This includes ergonomic evaluations of your workstation and hobbies (baker, potterer, golfer etc) including assessing if a certain chair is best for your spine.
    3. Balance — Testing your balance is key to giving you the right balance exercises.  Improving your balance is essential to fall prevention.  
    4. Strength — A review of your current routine to ensure safety and effectiveness. If you wish to use Exercise for Better Bones as your exercise guide I can determining the right level within Exercise for Better Bones or the Stronger Bones, Stronger Body series.  
    5. Flexibility — Assessment of your flexibility is important.  Flexibility allows you to move with better body mechanics to keep your body safe. Specific recommendations will be provided.
    6. Breathing — The right breathing pattern not only allows you to lift heavier but also protects you from hernias or prolapses (women).

    How It Works

    1. You will receive a comprehensive medical intake form to complete. 

    2. Along with the intake form, please send me your bone mineral density (DXA) results, MRI’s results, X-ray results or any other pertinent test results.

    3. All documentation is reviewed before our one-on-one session.

    4. You will ensure that your device is set up so that I can see you fully from head to toe in standing and lying. You will need a soft surface to lie on, either a pillow and a towel.

    5. The coaching/consultation is 60-minute in duration and done using Zoom for health care professionals.

    6. Within one business day, I will email you a detailed summary of steps you can take to address your bone health concerns.

    7. We cover a lot during the coaching session. If you would like the session recorded please let me know.  You can access the recording of the session for 30 days.

    All future one-hour sessions are $150 USD.

    Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals
    The emphasis during a phone or online consultation should be on exercise and activities of daily living. I can do a broad review of osteoporosis nutrition and pharmaceutical question, but limit how far I can go into one of these topics. If you want to have a detailed discussion on osteoporosis medications, I encourage you to consult with your physician.

    How Long Before Your Appointment?
    Please note that my calendar is generally very full so I may not be able to see you for four to six weeks.

    What My Clients Say

    Margaret Martin is a top expert in the area of exercise and creating an active, holistic lifestyle approach to osteoporosis. She helped me figure how I could be proactive in addressing my own osteoporosis, safely engage in exercise, and evaluate treatments, etc. I purchased one of her home exercise videos, which offers flexible scenarios for various levels of fitness skills, and had a long distance phone consultation during which she helped me further customize what activity would be best for my age and condition. She also summarized the latest that research has to offer, which was incredibly helpful, and I enjoy her ongoing MelioGuide email messaging and web site.

    Patricia Vander Meer

    Margaret has been a godsend in helping me learn what to do and not do in order to keep my osteopenia from becoming osteoporosis. It is rare to find a professional who is so knowledgeable about osteoporosis. She helped me set up a weekly program of exercises that emphasize strengthening my areas of bone loss. I also learned so much from Margaret concerning what not to do in order to avoid fractures. As I am exercising I keep her book, Exercises for Better Bones—The Complete Guide by my side as a reference. It is very detailed yet easy to understand and has photos showing the proper stance for each exercise. Margaret’s input has been life-changing for me in a very positive way.

    Stephanie S.

    Margaret Martin has been incredibly helpful in partnering with me to improve my osteoporosis/osteopenia. I saw three other professionals before I contacted her, because the exercise programs they recommended always caused other problems for me. She realized that I have hypermobility, which no one else ever picked up on before. I now have a great exercise program that works for my busy life. I can't recommend Margaret highly enough!

    Jennifer Lesher

    Margaret Martin is very knowledgeable. She takes a holistic approach to your assessment and treatment; meaning she does not just focus on one area of your body, but looks at secondary issues or problems which may be contributing to pain and decreased mobility. Online appt. scheduling is very convenient and Margaret provides regular email information and videos to anyone who signs up to her email list. Also, I would highly recommend Margaret's book "Exercise for Better Bones" which provides the reader with a beginner to advanced exercise program for bone and muscle health.


    I found Margaret Martin on YouTube. I have osteoporosis and have broken bones and was looking for help. I did a Zoom call with her for a review. She gave me pointers on how to do exercises better for increased improvement. She has answered my questions several times through her business email. Her books are very helpful and so are all the videos she puts out. I have had more help from MelioGuide than from my own local doctors and therapists. I highly recommend this business.

    Donna Heieren

    I was just so happy I found Margaret Martin, she is an amazing professional with so much to offer someone with osteoporosis. After my first session with her I am more confident in my journey to a stronger better me. Thank you Margaret

    Sylvia Braley

    The Process

    Step 1 • Purchase a Consultation
    Click on one of the blue buttons on this page to purchase a 60 minute session.

    Step 2 • Secure a Time on My Calendar
    Once the payment is settled, Richard will contact you directly to set up a time on my calendar.

    Step 3 • Complete the Intake Form
    After Richard schedules your appointment, our booking system will prompt you to complete an online intake form.  You will have a chance to provide your health history details and goals in the intake. Margaret will review this before the consultation.

    If there is information that you would prefer NOT to go into the online form, you can save that information for the consultation and share it with me as we speak. If you have a DEXA test, scan it and send that via email to our email address.

    Step 4 • Consultation Setup
    We use Zoom for our video conferencing sessions. Zoom delivers a secure and private connection between you and our clinician.

    Please make sure you have Zoom working **the day before** your appointment.


    Feel free to contact us directly if you have questions about this service and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Margaret Martin

    I am a Physical Therapist with over 38 years of clinical experience helping people achieve their health goals, stay strong and age well. 

    I am the author of three books (including an Amazon bestseller) on exercise and bone health. I have also produced numerous home workout videos and courses for patients and health professionals.

    My Physical Therapy clinic in Ottawa is focussed on bone health, osteoporosis, and exercise for successful aging.

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